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In vivo dynamic analysis of bone-implant interface in cervical disc implants
Aims: Our aim was to learn whether there is a micro motion at the bone-implant interface of the UFO cervical disc prosthesis.
Methods: Sagittal range of motion of the functional spinal unit, defined as the angle formed by lines drawn at the superior margin of the upper vertebral body and the inferior margin of the lower body were determined preoperatively and postoperatively. Besides, the possible micro motion at the bone-implant interface was evaluated.
Results: We report this dynamic computerized tomography evaluation method as an enabler to determine if there is micro motion at the bone implant interface of this cervical arthroplasty device, for the observed postoperative follow-up period of one year.
Conclusion: While significant motion could be found in all of our patients, in one level significant (6°) segmental micro motion at the bone- implant interface could be documented.

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Volume 2, Issue 2, 2023
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