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The Journal of Translational and Practical Medicine is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that has published three issues (April, August, and December) per year periodically and is indexed in international indices. The journal's expenses were covered by resources and donations. Owing to the increasing publication costs with the increase in the number of articles, the article processing fee will be requested from the authors, regardless of rejection or acceptance, who submit articles to evaluate the articles as soon as possible and to provide better consultancy and editing services. The article submission fee, which is not subject to the condition of acceptance or rejection, is requested after the compliance of the article with the journal scope is checked.

Manuscript submission/evaluation fee: Article submission payment for original, review and case report articles is 120 USD (US Dollars) or 3000 TL (Turkish Liras).

Fast-track process: All following processes: evaluation for editorial pre-review, prerequisite check, blind review by at least two reviewers, the editorial decision will be concluded within 30 working days (working days: Monday to Friday) (and if there is a third referee evaluation process, the process may take longer).

The fast-track process for original, review and case report articles is 5000 TL (Turkish Liras) or 200 USD (US Dollars).

No fee will be taken for short communication, invited review, technical report, and letter to the editor articles

Being on a fast track does not increase the chance of article acceptance. If an article is rejected as a result of referee evaluation, the fee is not refunded.
where is the revenue used, invoices are issued for the fees deposited in our journal, and taxes are given. These revenues were used to improve the journals. A professional secretariat, typesetting, design, layout, and English language support services were provided. In addition, revenue was used to apply these indices.

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Eligibility of Submission - Submission Fee or Rejection(Please pay after reading the text below)

After the article submission process was completed,

We will evaluate whether your article complies with the journal's writing rules and has minimum proficiency in terms of content.

• If the article is appropriate; you will be notified by e-mail that your position is available and you will be directed to pay the article submission fee,

• If the article is inappropriate, a rejection letter is sent by e-mail without requesting a submission fee.

Author Information About the Predatory (Looting/Shabby) Journal

A. https://www.uak.gov.tr/Documents/docentlik/2023/2023-mart-donemi/2023M_SikcaSorulanSorularveCevaplari_24022023.pdf
45. Question: Which journals cannot be used in Associate Professorship Application Requirements (declaration)?

Answer: The decision numbered 2021.18.643 about Predatory (Looting/Shabby) journals taken at the session of the General Assembly of Higher Education dated December 30, 2021, and numbered 2021.18, is as follows:

* Journals not considered predatory (looting/shabby)

o Journals classified as Q1, Q2, Q3 in WEB of Science (with or without charge for editorial and/or printing processes),

o Journals in the Q4 class on WEB of Science that do not charge for editorial processing charge and/or article processing charges,

o National/international journals that are included in the Q4 class on the WEB of Science and charge a fee for editorial and/or printing processes, but are the publication organ of a branch association, university, institute, or scientific institution, where only members of the relevant science field can become members and have been published/published since before 2010 and work as subscribers,

* Predatory (Looting/Shabby) journals: Q4 journals that do not meet the above criteria

According to the decision of the General Assembly of Higher Education dated December 30, 2021, articles published in predatory (looting/shabby) journals, the characteristics of which are specified, are added to the list of resumes and works regardless of the date of publication but cannot be used in the declaration.

C. http://portal.dpu.edu.tr/orhan.elmaci/makale_oku/165/yagmaci-dergi-beall-predatory-listesi-ve-tubitak-turkiye-adresli-uluslararasi-bilimsel-yayinlari-tesvik-ubyt-programi-dergi-listesi

D. https://beallslist.net/